Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Found the Gold Freebie Hop!

Thank you so much to the mother of Spark! and sole-owner/contributor of Primary Inspired, Brenda, for sending people my way!

I can't get enough freebie-hops in my life! 
Especially at a time like this, when we need it most. Our leprechaun can no longer control our children and we are running out of steam. 

. . .So, why not grab some relevant, Spring/anytime FREEBIES?! 
Make sure to hop all the way through and complete the cycle, so that you don't miss any of these goodies!

Here is your FREEBIE!
And guess what? I use this (and other pages from my Summer Review) as my, "Spring Break Packet."

Just an idea!

Now grab your next freebie from my sweet friend, Sarah!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fish Murder and Tyrell, The Leprechaun

We have been having the best year ever. 
I have the best kids and there have been almost zero behavior issues.
My blog posts have been extremely boring, compared to last year.

I knew that it was too good to be true.

If anyone is going to go crazy-town on me, it happens at the beginning of the school year or it happens at springtime.

I am experiencing the latter. . .
One of my sweetest, has taken a major turn.

Like, chair-thrower flashbacks!

In the past few weeks we have had a lot of violence, chair-throwing, property destruction, fish murder and he said to me, "I'm gonna punch you in your ugly face!"

I wish that I could get mad, but the second that he yelled it, all of my other kids gasped and one started crying and screamed, "SHE'S NOT UGLY, SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!"
*And yes, I said, "fish murder."
The details are too sad to repeat.

If you read my blog or know me in real-life, then you know how I deal with these situations:
  • A lot of love.
  • A lot of documentation.
  • A lot of communication with the family and  mental health officials.
  • Did I mention, a lot of love?

When those don't work, I pray for St. Patrick's Day to come.


Because our leprechaun will visit and I, despite everything that I learned in grad school, get to teach through coercion.

That's right. coercion. 
I said it and I'm not sorry.

We begin by naming our leprechaun. It is a long, drawn-out process that involves voting and is 100% up to the students. (Last year, our leprechaun was named, "Corday.")

Basically, the leprechaun is like Santa. He is omnipotent and will write the class notes or refrain from leaving Dollar Tree gold coins in their seat sacks, if they are naughty.

We even write him back! (I just type, the kids tell me what to say.)

And, of course, we make TRAPS! Grab a FREE writing activity HERE that complements this project. I forgot to grab a picture of ours. :(

It's around this time, that I become so exhausted, that naturally, I self-sabotage.

. . .But I know the end is near.
So, I make it through one final day of leprechaun madness.
(How cute is our Morning Meeting on St. Patrick's Day?)

We make beautiful rainbows for our sweet, Tyrell and hang them up as a reminder of his love for Room 109.

The kids even colored our WORD OF THE WEEK in Tyrell's favorite colors!

And we wrap it all up with generic Lucky Charms. 

What the???

Did this improve Fish-Killer's behavior?


Today was perfection.

Send good ju ju my way, so that I can make it to Spring Break in one piece! :)


Monday, March 16, 2015

THE READING GAME GIVEAWAY! {3 sets to 3 different winners}

Have I told you that I'm in love?!

I'm in love with, The Reading Game!

We have been using the first set of word cards and the first book, "Skunk."

Below, you will see my kids in action, but for now, here is a bit directly from The Reading Game website:
"The first book in The Reading Game learn-to-read series tells the story of a skunk without a stripe who is rejected by the other skunks but finds acceptance among some cats and becomes their defender.  It’s told in rhyme, is beautifully illustrated, and is 32 pages long.  It will be the first book the student reads, and there are five more to follow in this groundbreaking learn to read program.
Each of The Reading Game's six stories is told using just thirty new words.  These are broken down into six sets of five words.  The student learns to read each set of five words by playing a simple word matching game.  Frequent exposure through play hardwires these words into long-term memory.  Rote learning is transformed into a fast-paced game with a winner every few seconds."

Enter to win below or find out where you can purchase RIGHT HERE!

Good luck!

Sunday, March 15, 2015


. . . That's right! I created a new product and you get it for FREE during the next 7 days, then it moves to $3.50

I am so grateful to this company that has changed my life. It has changed my son's life. It has made me a better teacher.
I love you, TPT!

Enjoy and please tell your friends to save after downloading!

Happy Sunday!

Monday, March 2, 2015

While everyone else is busy with Dr. Seuss. . . .

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!
I am going to showcase some 3-D SHAPE ideas!

Because I left my phone at home today.
Of all days, today.

We did a guided drawing of Cat In The Hat. 
We built fish bowls in math.
We read tongue-twister after tongue-twister. 
The kids got stickers and bookmarks and I didn't get a single photo.

Ok, I'm over it.

I have a ton of other cute things that I've been meaning to share and there's no time like the present.

We started off our 3-D shapes with Harry Kindergarten, of course.

But then we sorted spheres and cylinders.
(Formerly known as Kix and marshmallows)

We also built cubes out of toothpicks and marshmallows.

. . . And extended with a worksheet that I made and am putting into a little packet for you!
Stay tuned.

Leftover party mix?

I wanted to win Most Favoritest Teacher In The Whole Entire Universe award, so I let the kids make their very own 3-D SNACK!

Best part? 
I bought everything at the Dollar Store!
Cubes = Rice Krispie Minis
Spheres = Cheese Balls
Cones = Hershey Kisses
Cylinders = Pretzel Sticks

I won.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

EDexpo 2015 Top 10

I spent a couple of days in Atlanta last week and spent a lot of time at EDexpo! Bloggers spent the day checking out each booth and at the end we picked our Top Ten Products!  I've linked everything up, but check out EDMarketDealer first! I think that every teacher and principal should go to this. I learned so much and discovered amazing products that I now can't live without. Not only did I fall in love with great products, but I was able to spend time with some amazing bloggers. This was such a fabulous experience!

Check out the TOP 10 from all of the bloggers!

Touchtronic Letters from Junior Learning
I have been using this all week in my classroom. You just place the number or letter onto your iPad to complete a problem or word. The iPad recognizes that particular number or letter, which makes this so magical to students.

This game helps your kiddos learn those tricky sight words.  There are color-coded sight word cards, sentence flashcards, and books.  Each color has different level sight word cards and sentence flashcards.  I have also been playing this all week with my small groups. The kids think that this is such a fun game and they have learned so any new words already.

Say It! by Felix Ltd
This is a fun word game that includes a box of word cards that you use to create sentences.  You pass out a set number of word cards to everyone playing.  These cards stay upside down.  Someone starts by flipping their card to start the sentence, the next person flips their card over and continues the sentence.  You go around adding to this silly sentence until someone can't think of a sentence or runs out of cards.

 I can't get enough of these! They are so fun and great for all of the different learners in your classroom or home.

 I love this company and how they gear their products to girls. 

This is an empty number line that allows you to manipulate the numbers!  So many possibilities!

Math Bands by Learn in Style
Math Bands are a fun way to learn multiplication facts.  Each band has a set of  12 facts on it.  They are great for practicing multiplication facts and understand them better!

Busy Fingers by Fiddle Focus
These are great for those kiddos who need to touch something while they are focusing on another task. They can be mounted to different things and can be washed!  They can be mounted right where they were after washing too!

Pencil Grips by The Pencil Grip, Inc
Great for those writers who struggle with the correct pencil grip!

Circuit Sticker Book by Chibitronics
Great science activity!  Create your own circuits quick and easy using stickers!

KAPLA Blocks by KAPLA Tom's Toys, LLC
KAPLA blocks are made from pine in exactly the same size.  They are made to build many different creations without the need for glue or nails.  They stay in place by gravity and balance.

Cool Circuits by ScienceWiz
Pick a puzzle card.  Use the pieces given to create a loop that connects each end!


I will post about my TOP 10 at another time.

Happy Sunday!

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