Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Number Of The Day:10 {FREEBIE}

We continued our letter of the week with Aa!
We start off with the following letters:
Love it, right?
On Tuesdays, we trace.
Grab this tracer here.

Today's number of the day is:

We did this great activity from one of my favorite people, 
We showed our number in many different ways AND she has posters to go along with this!

After that, we were ready to rainbow write our number!
Grab this rainbow write sheet here.

Then we did one of my favorite beginning-of-the-year activities. 
10 Apples Up On Top!
We always do this when our number of the day is 10 and we have already introduced AB patterns.
However, each year I get a little better at making this activity more fun and less painless. . . for me.

I set up like this.

Then I have the kids come to the carpet with a green and red crayon.
Under the doc cam I just color the words (everyone colors at different paces, so we only do this much at the carpet and the rest at their seats). Then the kids decide if they are going to use a lion or tiger- they cross out the one that they do not want.

At their seats, the kids finish coloring and cutting.

Then they glue 10 apples up on top of their animal IN AN AB PATTERN! :)

My favorite part? It's a silly hat!
Parent pleaser. Principal pleaser. Kid pleaser.

Want this activity? It's free, just click below!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Sometimes I just decide that the kids need to have some fun.
So, for Math on Friday, we did just that.
The kids loved these pattern centers!

I taped yarn to one table and laid our green and yellow noodles. The kids were supposed to put them on the string in an AB pattern.
I made sure that each table had only two colors available in each container, because we're just starting out with AB patterns.

I focus on train cars, putting them together and then breaking the train. My bestie neighbor told me to call them, "units," so everyone should listen to her. Don't call them train cars.

We love dobbers!

One group had beads and pipe cleaners. I let two of my "highest" girls do ABC and ABCD patterns.
'Gotta differentiate!

I seriously threw these together within 15 minutes and you can, too!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 12, 2014


I left work today and thought about how lucky I am. 
I love my kids!
I love my job!
I love my coworkers!
I think of how many people don't feel that way. I think back to getting a Psychology degree and not pursuing my dream to be a teacher because I wouldn't make money. I think back to the moment I realized that I'd rather be happy and poor than miserable and rich.
I'm so grateful that I chose the former.
Being a teacher is so fulfilling and I happen to have the cutest kids ever this year.

We have accomplished so much already. Check out some of our fun during the last two days.

We identified and sorted numbers vs. letters.
I broke the kids into small groups and we did a large sort together before the individual sort. This was a good time to go over how to sort and what we do before we glue!

Grab this sort here.

We wrapped up our letter of the week with this activity yesterday and then sorted this week's letter and last week's letter.
We needed my favorite classroom tool for this one!

Yep, I have two students attempting to sound spell already! #itsgonnabeagoodyear

Grab this Mm activity here.

Grab this letter sort here.

Grab these rainbow-write number sheets here.

Grab this editable name tracer here.

'Love how much we are accomplishing!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Letter Mm, Glue Sponges, Names, Patterns and MORE!

Life is so busy- I've been taking pictures like crazy and then too exhausted to blog about them.
My class is still so easy and perfect, so we've been getting a lot done!

Check it.

Name tracers have advanced. We did this one on Monday and some students got their last names added to their name sheets.
Grab these name sheets HERE.

We then evolved to rainbow writing our names. LOVE IT!!

Last week we wrapped up our letter of the week (Ss) with this fun activity!
Grab it here.

This week's Letter:

(Grab poster here)

When we started our new letter this week (Mm), I had to show the kids the "right" way to rainbow write.
Too often my kids just color the letters. I really had them take time tracing the letters in their favorite colors and it has already made a difference in their letter formation!
Grab this rainbow write sheet here.

We never forget a circle map- some weeks are better than others. :)

On Tuesdays, we trace! (Grab it here.)

Wednesdays we write and find our letter.
Grab it here.

And we have continued with our number of the day!
My kids are so cute!!!!
Grab these number sheets HERE.

And today we worked on building our names. So we needed our glue sponges!
So easy to use- just pour the glue, wait about 45 minutes and then it's ready to rock! NO MESS!
Grab this name builder here.

Last, but not least- we are rocking our AB patterns! Every year I teach patterns and understand how my kiddos think a little better. They are really getting it this time!

I love kindergarten!!!

Leave me a comment about what you've been teaching in the past week and I'll choose a winner on Friday night to pick one of the items mentioned in this post (see links below). Don't forget to leave your email in a comment!
Congrats to Stephanie M.!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This is the best start to a teaching year EVER! 
I love my school, staff and KIDS! They are so good that it scares me and it's so great having an assistant!
Here are some of the things we've accomplished, now that I'm rolling right along!

First of all, look what our area sup. got us.
We each got to pick out a brand new rug. I can't believe it!
Now I can say, "Kids, sit on a letter," for morning circle. Or, "Everyone go to your number."
Life is so easy and it looks so pretty!

Every day, we have been going over routines and procedures. With this comes basic writing strokes, learning how to hold a pencil and COLORING!
I got this fabulous idea from my friend, Laura at Luv My Kinders! Go follow her blog- she's a good one and I always get great ideas from her!


A skill that we kindergarten teachers have to focus on pretty hard (in addition to the aforementioned) is how to use those scissors!
The kids loved doing this page:
Grab this cutting worksheet HERE.

We've also started our letter of the week routine.
All of the letter Ss pages in this post are from this pack

During Readers Workshop, the kids have been building stamina (tomorrow we are at 6 minutes) and finding the letter Ss in their books. They love this!

We also started our September Journals. LOVE those smiles! Grab them here:

In math we do a number per day. I hit zero pretty hard this year. :)
They loved when I'd say, "Who can bring me zero elephants?"
Or, "Clap your hands zero times."
They thought I was hilarious.

Grab this number 1 sheet HERE.

We also do a color per week. This week is RED! We had a scavenger hunt today and the kids were so excited to find little red pattern blocks and other various red items outside. SO FUN!
Grab this red worksheet HERE.

I even let them paint. Yes, they are that good!

Could my little sweetie be any cuter? #missthemalready
Check out that bus tag!

Happy Wednesday!

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