Monday, September 29, 2014

Literacy differentiation and a free font!

Have you heard that I've been at this for 2 whole years? 
. . . And that I'm giving away tons of stuff? Before you check that out, check out our last couple of days in K!

We wrapped up our letter of the week with our SILLY HAT and our WORD OF THE WEEK. My kids loves these engaging activities! :)

I've also been differentiating like crazy. This page is always a great assessment to see what the kids know.

I have many different options for this page.depending on the group :)

On Mondays we introduce our new letter and word by using the Day 1 activities in my Letter and Word of the Week pack.

Happy Monday!

Now, make sure you enter the giveaways below and grab a freebie!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


I looked at my left sidebar recently and panicked. It's here? Already?
And why is it, "Blogoversary" vs. "Blogiversary?"
Whatevs. I'm just happy it's here.
So, I called a few of my fave clip-artists out there, purchased some gift cards to cool places and threw this little celebration together! Thanks for coming on this journey with me- I am grateful for you every single day.

Prize #3 is $50 buckaroos to:

Prize #4:

I'm so happy you're here!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Art Idea and MORE!

It's officially Fall.

We did our oldie-but-a-goodie Fall art project. I teach the kids how to draw branches, we attach a cute poem and you gotta love using those fine motor skills to tear the paper.

They look great on our walls in the hallway. :)

We are still working on our letter and word of the week.  Grab both of the below activities from my, Letter and Word of the Week pack.

Our math has turned into the best part of our day. I have been having so much fun with the kiddos!!
Our independent group worked on the number 17.

Grab this number worksheet HERE.

And my group worked on differentiated patterns, with stickers that I got at the Dollar Store.

Somehow, the day got even better.
 We worked on our color of the week. . .

Grab this color worksheet HERE.


p.s. Tonight Only! 

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Fun With Patterns and WOTW= See

I do a noodle necklace every year with my kids. This year I did it in small groups and it went so well!
We focused heavily on the ABC pattern and how to count by pulling towards you. Check the extreme cuteness!

At the center with my A.E., I had the kids use Dollar Store cereal to create more patterns! They loved it, especially the eating part. :)

For literacy today, we worked on our letter of the week and our word of the week! Grab both of the below resources from my Letter and Word of the Week Bundle

I am SO PROUD of my little darlings! This year is off to such a great start! I can't believe it's only day 20!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fun in 109!

We have been rocking our routines and the kids are finally working in differentiated small groups. Check out some of our consistency + fun in room 109!

Letter of the week extension: students sound-spell the words (using this alphabet poster) as a tool.

Mondays we rainbow write our new letter.

I even introduced a word of the week!
"I" was introduced last week- check out my kiddos!!!

. . .
And this week we introduced, "see."

Grab ALL of the above letter/word resources from this pack:

We also do a number of the day through 20. I try to get the kids to use a pattern with their colors at this point.

(I even let them do an AB pattern with Goldfish.)

Grab the Rainbow Write number sheets HERE.

We do a color of the week and one day we do a yellow hunt in the courtyard looking for these random objects. The kids love this!

The last day, we paint! I write the color in bubble letters and let the kids use that color to paint it.

And what's kindergarten without a September Apple Party!!

I brought a crock-pot full of apples and cinnamon.

We made our Alligator Silly Hat and used our 5 senses with apples!


Happy Tuesday!

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