Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - b/d confusion, addition story and a FREEBIE!

Grab this here.

Letter/Word Work HERE.

Part-Part-Whole HERE.

Addition Story Book Here.

Length Freebie Here.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wrapping Up Our Week and TODAY ONLY. . .

We wrapped up our letter of the week just like we do every week- with a silly hat (and some other fun activities)!

Grab everything above from this pack:

We also worked on ending punctuation from my LOVE BUG pack!
In math we are working on attributes and part-part-whole.

Grab Color By the Code HERE.

We did Part-Part-Whole in small groups,using bears and dry-erase markers. The kids had so much fun and were really starting to get this important concept.

Grab all of the above Part-Part-Whole activities from this pack:

Preview: Next week our letter is Ww and our word is, "what."

Oh, and one more important thing!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is It A Full Moon?

Oh boy. 
It felt like a full moon today. My kids were off. 
The school was off.
The day ended with a student bashing me in the head with a backpack in anger.
The morning started per usual: breakfast, kids walking in the room in full-out crisis mode, hugs and comfort given, and circle time. 
*For those of you who don't know, I work in the poorest school in the district- our kids are homeless/highly mobile and their lives are very tough. . . and my kids are 5 years old.

I always let a few kids share during our greeting time and usually one kid talks about something happy and two kids talk about witnessing something horrific (yes, I call and report all the time). 
This is not an exaggeration.
This is the norm and I feel grateful that the kids share such details with the whole class and with me; we have a beautiful community.

Today a little girl raised her hand and said, "My mom died last night,"
and she burst into tears. My jaw dropped and I asked her if she's sure and what happened (hoping that she doesn't really understand what's happening).
She went into an extremely sad and detailed story involving a gun and police. 
To say the least, we didn't get anything done this morning and Mom isn't dead, but something very bad is going on at home. 
Ugh. My sweet little, darling children. Every day they walk into my room and I can't imagine what they saw/lived that morning alone.
It makes me so grateful to have the life that I live. 
'Grateful to learn from these tiny beings and can't imagine a more fulfilling profession than learning from each and every one of them.
It has been the best school year ever despite what my kids' home-lives are like (and what today was like).

Here are a few snapshots of our happier moments today:
This is in my FREEBIES FOR FANS tab on the left side of my FB Page.

We also sorted all of these colorful objects by different attributes. This was fun and super messy! :)

We continued with our letter and word of the week . . . 

Grab the Oo and "out" resources HERE.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sorting, Sorting and More Sorting

Okay, I was absent a few days last week due to a sick kiddo and a Math Cohort. So, in the last two weeks, I've seen my kids twice and boy did it show in their behavior.

I am exhausted. I haven't felt this worn out since. . . last year.
I almost, ALMOST, had a chair-thrower today.

Despite some little naughties and a bad phone call home, we had a productive day!

We are working so hard on our medial vowel sounds and beginning digraphs.
 The kids just love these sorts!

I also introduced our new letter and word- Oo and "out."
Due to MLK yesterday, we crammed a couple of days worth of letter/word work today.

And we started a NEW math unit that involves sorting by attribute. More to come on this, but here are some cute and sloppy examples of some of our independent sorting today - I swear we sorted fun objects, too!

Grab the math sorts HERE.

I'm ready for bed.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Spicing Up Part Part Whole

We have been working on Part Part Whole a lot lately and I wanted to make it more fun for the kids.
. . .So I did.

I came up with some center ideas and was able to move around the room while the kids did most of this independently. 

This first center is usually done with toothpicks. This time, I opted for popsicle sticks, just in case my kids were gonna try and stab each other.
I start off by telling a little story or just having them create anything they want. Then we make it into a number sentence. I just love this! We decided to glue these down, but we also do this without glue and just have scrap paper at the bottom to switch out the number sentence with each design.

Some of my cuties even created their names!

This next one is an oldie-but-goodie; however, this time I gave the kids tons of Post It Notes. For some reason, this made the whole activity a lot more fun and engaging.

With all of the fun math centers, I wanted to have a couple of more tools in my toolbox, so I created some! I added these to my 0-10 In Many Different Ways pack. If you already purchased, download again at no additional cost.

Grab ALL of the above worksheets ON SALE TODAY!

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Winner is Comment #8!

Happy MLK Jr. Day!

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