Thursday, October 16, 2014

Simple October Ideas!

We only had two days of school this week, due to conferences. Can you believe that we did this all in those two days?!

I introduced a new sight word. . .

Grab ALL of the three sight word resources above from this pack:

We reviewed our letters and sounds. . . 
Grab this beginning sound match HERE.

Grab this upper/lowercase review HERE.

Grab this sort HERE.

And we do a lot of fun things in October! Check 'em out. . . 

We learned a new color- perfect for this time of year!
The kids LOVE this song!

Grab this Color Word Worksheet HERE.

We are going over community helpers, fire safety, traffic signs/signlas, etc. 

And my FAVE! In math we have a shapes unit, so why not do SHAPE MONSTERS?!
I just throw this together each year and they always turn out so cute!

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Brilliant Ideas. . . from my coworker

It is definitely October. I love October more than September. Here is why. . . 

My kids are actually writing in their October Journals! I love how hard they are trying!

Our letter and word of the week continues with Bb and "go."
'Love differentiating the below sheet. The lower group works on the beginning sound; my highest group works on sound spelling each word.

And check out the cutest video from today! LOVE my kids!

All of the above are from this pack. I just click and print each week! Seriously, I just printed the next three weeks during the last 10 minutes of my prep today! Love it!

Math has been fun centers, but we did do this worksheet. . . and it's free!
I can't finish this post without talking about the love of my life next door. I never want to teach without her on my team again. Ever. 
Look at these cute pumpkins her kids made! First they worked on mixing red and yellow.

Then today, I needed a purple activity. She said that she just threw this together! What?! 
So, the kids mix red and blue in their palette to paint the circles.
Once they dry, the kids cut out the circles in math and glue them in rows to make grapes and write those cute words that go with our purple song.


Love my job and the people that I work with!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spooky Freebies!

A quick October reminder. . . 
I have lots of Spooky Freebies out there in the TPT world!

I love to use these on the Promethean Board and as worksheets (I print in black and white).

Click any of the pictures to grab for yourself and PLEASE leave feedback! Leaving feedback also bookmarks the freebie for you now; so next year, you'll be able to find it again!

Want more Spooky stuff?

This is on sale for $3 TODAY ONLY!

Also, today is the LAST DAY TO ENTER!
Good luck and thanks for being here!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Currently- TREATS for you!

Thank you, Farley!

Listening: Thank you, Netflix. I love this show.
Loving: They are all perfect. Cutest little darlings ever!
Thinking: Too much and a lot. I am so happy in so many areas of my life right now, except for a very important area. So, I shall continue to think. . . and do yoga. :)
Wanting: Seriously, my bed is old and I desperately need a new mattress. I can't sleep. :(
Needing: I have so many things to share! So, without further adieu. . . 

My kids are rocking their LETTER OF THE WEEK!

And my little babies are reading and writing their word so well!!!

And my AMAZINGLY talented and favorite coworker wrote an awesome song. It will get stuck in your head all night!!!

Grab this Orange sheet here.

And math has been fun and productive, too!
Grab this 20 sheet here.

We are even tallying!

Treat 1

Treat 2
Want another treat??
Sshhh- here's the SPOOKY FONT that I used in my Currently picture. It's free for one week only and you can only find it here!

Treat 3


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